Accepting the award: Doreen Goetz (wife), Danielle (Daughter), Craig Herring (Son-In-Law) and Cannon and Beckett (Grandchildren).  

Bob Goetz was one of those little people who spent their childhood years as a member of the Pittsburgh Boys Club.
Then he became one of those big people who never forgot his roots as an adult, and made a decision to pay back the Club by joining the Board of Directors in 1981.
He received a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Point Park University and was proud to be involved with the American Institute of CPA’s and the Pennsylvania Institute of CPA’s.
He put his passion for the Club and professional skills to work by assuming the position as Chair of the Business Operations Committee and Treasurer of the Board.  Bob’s employment with Deloitte sent him to the East Coast for a few years, but within days of his return to Pittsburgh, he re-entered the ranks as an active Member of our Board.
His expertise in the accounting profession guided us through the challenges of the non-profit world. 
In addition to sharing his professional expertise, Bob always was one of those Board Members who enjoyed volunteering for agency events that made a real difference in the lives of the children.  In most cases he coerced his wonderful wife, Doreen, and daughter, Danielle, to accompany him . . . very willingly of course.
We are very fortunate that this Club kid from Lawrenceville never knew how to say no when we knocked on his door.  Bob was our friend and we thought the world of him.
Bob is currently sharing his accounting skills with God and auditing Heaven’s financial statements.



The Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania's Central Board

Robert H. Luffy, Chair of the Board
Thomas McChesney, First Vice Chair
Donald J. Michel, Vice Chair
Richard Farrell, Vice Chair
Thomas E. Sheehan, Treasurer
William K. Flannery, Secretary
F. J. Mike Hepler, President
Jackie Abel-Stavropoulos
Barbara B. Ackerman 
Dr. R. Marshall Austin
Lee Baierl
Douglas E. Cameron
Raymond Czachowski
Thomas Fitzgerald
Kathy Firestine
Thomas J. Gillespie
Jane Greenwood
Crystal Gunn-Tucker, Ph.D.
Ken Haines
Laurel Hansen
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John C. Irwin
Lisa Kaylor
Patricia Knierim
Thomas Krahe
Thomas H. Kutosky
Betty L. Lamb
Thomas Maglicco
Andrew B. Miller
Jesse R. Nolte
Luke Ratke
Kay Reinstadtler
Gary Roberson
Tom Samuels
Edward Saxon
Richard Schubert
Edward W. Seifert
G. Dixon Shrum, Jr.
Louis Tassari
Honorary Members:
William L. Keegan
William Manby
Sr. Gregory Schessler
Walter J. Sperling
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