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Youth of the Year

Since 1947 Youth of the Year has been Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s premier recognition program, celebrating the extraordinary achievements of Club members. Each year one exceptional Club member is selected to be the National Youth of the Year serving as an exemplary ambassador for Boys & Girls Club youth and as a strong voice for all of our nation’s young people.   

The journey for our youth begins on the night of our Great Futures Gala, as one of the eight young people honored, who embody the values of leadership and service, academic excellence, and healthy lifestyles is chosen to represent all of the youth we serve. They will be presented with the "Edward J. Ferris, Sr. Memorial Award" and then go on towards achieving the National honor.

Please join us for this unforgettable evening as we continue to inspire and be inspired by the GREAT Futures of our youth. 



Leading up to our Great Futures Gala, a playful competition among respected members of our community is happening!  Each have been challenged ability to raise funds for the Boys & Girls Club’s “Piggy Bank”.  The top three contestants whose bank is the fullest will be named at the Great Futures Gala and be asked to kiss our special guest, Nola, the most adorable mini-pig in Western Pennsylvania.  Nola has quite a following and is looking forward to joining us for dinner.

This is not your typical non-profit special event!  It is a fun filled evening  that showcases the future leaders of our community, and some excitement brought about by our friend Nola.

(Learn more about our Kiss A Pig Competition)


(Want to be one of our Kiss A Pig Candidates?  Click Here!)


Please mail all sponsorship information and prize donations to:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania

5432 Butler Street

    Pittsburgh, Pa 15201



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