It takes a tremendous amount of resources to run eight Club locations, outreach services and an adminstrative office.  We serve over 7,000 youth per year, and the needs are truly endless.  We have created a Holiday Wish List this year that includes our much needed items.  
If you are able to donate one or more please contact Susan Kalich at or call 412-782-5710 and tell us you can support our Holiday Wish List. If you are able to make a monitary donation towards this list that would be most helpful too! (You may do so by clicking the "Donate Now" button on the left.  You may also specify where you want your donation to go).  We can not do it alone and your support means the world to our kids.  


10 New computers for each of our Club sites
One 12 Passenger Van
Snow Blowers
Lawn Mowers/Weed Trimmers
Video Game Consoles



Any support you can give is GREATLY appreciated.  Please pass along this information to anyone who is in a position to help!


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