Triple Play Day was Thursday, July 14th

Drumroll please... our kids and teens clocked over 40 thousand minutes of active play during ‪#‎TriplePlayDay16‬! Talk about fitspiration. Many thanks to our partner Anthem Foundation and the other Clubs that participated across the country!

 About Triple Play Day!

Finally, there is a day to celebrate what we do every day in the Club!  Triple Play is the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s premier healthy lifestyles program that focuses on improving the health and wellness of our nation’s kids and teens.  It has a significant impact on our young people giving them the tools and education then need to lead a life of well being and setting them on a path to a great future. 


Triple Play Day marks the halfway point on the calendar year and it’s an opportunity for Clubs to promote healthy living by participating!  Triple Play is a game plan and a celebration of the mind, body and soul for our young people.  Triple Play Day is an opportunity for us as a Club to promote the impact on healthy living through a day filled with fun activities. 


Boys & Girls Clubs across the country celebrated our Triple Play program with a Triple Play Day:  July 14, 2016.    Each of our Clubs do so many fun activities every day with the kids in the Clubs.


The impact of Triple Play Day is important because:

  • 1/3 of our nation’s youth are overweight or obese leading to limited fitness, poor nutrition habits, and compromised social and emotional well-being.  Positive healthy lifestyles programs like Triple Play are more Important than ever.

  • By participating in Triple Play Day, you are showing members and our community that you are a strong advocate for their overall health and wellness. 

  • The National goal of Triple Play Day is to accumulate over one million minutes of promoting health and wellness in our youth from all participating Clubs, which have lasting impact for years to come. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania’s commitment to participation (a minimum of 60 minutes of play and focus on Mind, Body and Spirit) we will be adding at least 550 to the number!


During each Triple Play Day We Pledge to:

  • Focus on promoting Health and Well-Being in the Club in everything we do!  Weather it be playing sports, eating healthy snacks, learning to get along well with others . . . It all counts!

  • Ensure our young people know that we are one of many participating in Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Triple Play Day!  Clubs all over the Country are celebrating!

  • Share!  We tracked the movement on Social Media!  check it out with the hashtag: #TriplePlayDay16

We are pleased to share all of the positive effects that the Club has on the overall heath and wellness of the members with our local communities.  Days like Triple Play Day give us an opportunity to share all of the amazing things that go on in the Clubs every single day! 


Story to share:


“The Club gives me a positive place to be after school.  When I was younger I was overweight.  Coming here I became more active and was able to lose weight.  Playing with the kids is a good way to exercise and stay healthy.” 

Robyn  - Club Teen 

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