Nobody is too old for a night of fun and games. Cam Heyward turned 30 years old last week, but held off his“Heyward House Birthday Bash” until Tuesday so he could spend it at Dave & Buster’s with hisPittsburgh Steelers teammates and his best friends from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania.

“We were just looking to have a good time with a lot of kids because sometimes that’s all they need is a good time,” Heyward said with a smile. “I’ve heard of situations where they [kids] haven’t been able to talk about their feelings, but then they get here and they have fun.”

But it was way more than winning prizes or cruising at Daytona, it was an opportunity to share a laugh with a kid who could be less fortunate and perhaps be able to inspire.

“Everybody sees us with our helmets on but they don’t see us with our helmets off,” he said. “The kids are so appreciative to be in these moments because sometimes they don’t even get to come to Dave & Buster’s. It’s just a great event.”

Original Post by Chase Williams, WPXI