This summer, BGCWPA was selected to lead the Learn & Earn program for 40 teens from across the county as part of Partner4Work’s Learn and earn Program. Learn & Earn is a six-week summer employment program for teens and young adults ages 14-21 in the Pittsburgh region. Participants have the opportunity to earn money, gain valuable work experience, and develop soft skills to help them become college and career ready.  Half of the youth placed at our 7 Club Locations are members of Boys & Girls Clubs and participate in our Workforce Development and Post-Secondary planning programs.  
The teens completed a 10-hour training that covered topics such as:  Restorative Practices, Conflict Resolution, Financial Literacy, Collaboration, Active Listening, Problem Solving, Professionalism and Cultural Awareness/Sensitivity.  The teens will complete additional training on site at their assigned club and work 150 hours over the 6-week period.  In addition, teens will complete a career interest survey and explore careers through the CareerExplorer Platform.  Teens will be evaluated weekly by the Branch Director’s on skills such as Effective Communication, Problem Solving, Taking Initiative and Contributing to the Work Community. In addition, the project manager will be visit the teens at the clubs on a weekly basis to provide feedback, support and guidance. 
 Feedback shows much promise for our teens:
Taniyah does everything that is asked of her. She did an excellent job of taking initiative the other day with seeing a need to fun an activity, asking permission to run it, and following through on her own. Well done!”
“Diamond has been being trained to work the front desk area. She has excelled and has taken ownership of it and is very responsible in all aspects of her job. Very well done.”
“Josh is doing a good job. He is very cooperative and responsible He likes being here and I love having him here. “
“John takes direction well and eager to help and learn. “