Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania were invited and attended Senator Casey’s press conference announcing the Five Freedoms for America’s Children plan. We were then asked to submit statistics on the importance of after school programs and our demographics so that they can add after school care to this plan! 

“The cost of child care has increased by 25 percent over the past decade. The current child care system not only lets parents down at every turn, it results in large economic consequences: An estimated 60 percent of employee turnover could be reduced with access to affordable child care, and the child care crisis costs the economy $57 billion in annual lost revenue, wages and productivity. In my legislative plan, the Five Freedoms for America’s Children, I support a robust Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit to support working parents, and increase labor force participation. According to a NASEM report, this would raise 872,000 children out of poverty; increase net employment by more than 500,000 jobs; and raise aggregate earnings by more than $9 billion.‬” states Senator Bob Casey.

Enjoy these incredible statistics from a study on the outcomes with Boys & Girls Clubs across the country!!

  • According to a University of Michigan study for Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Overall, Clubs are estimated to generate $13.8 billion in benefits in comparison to the 1.4 billion in annual operating costs, which leads to a ROI benefit-to-cost ratio of 9.6
  • The biggest benefits are from parental earnings, improved grades, and reduced alcohol use. Club participation benefits parents as it helps them retain their jobs, leading to over $10 billion in earnings.
  • For members, club participation increases physical activity, which is expected to lead to $91 million dollars in long-term healthcare cost savings from averted obesity.
  • Twenty thousand fewer members will smoke tobacco, saving $250 million over their lifetimes.
  • Club participation leads to 81,000 fewer members drinking and 69 million fewer members smoking marijuana. These are expected to have over $1.5 billion in lifetime benefits.
  • Improvements in grades are expected to lead to almost $1.5 billion over the club members’ lifetimes as they increase their likelihood of graduation and continuation on to college.

Overall, the benefits to just the members themselves are expected to exceed $3.4 billion over their lifetimes.

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