Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania Mckeesport Clubhouse and our Duquesne Clubhouses are merging effective December 1st.While the building will be open during the transition to a new owner, starting on December 1st, McKeesport Clubhouse members will have the opportunity to attend our Orchard Park Clubhouse in Duquesne, which is 5-6 minutes away. Due to a variety of variables that are constantly shifting including ongoing school closures and staffing all children from our McKeesport Clubhouse will be safely served at Orchard Park. Please express your interest in attending Orchard Park Clubhouse on this Google Form

We understand the disappointed that families feel and we are encouraged that there is interest in another provider running programs in the building, however based on an assessment of current opportunities for after-school care, the determination was made to direct resources to our operations in Duquesne. In other words, youth from all three Clubhouses and communities will continue to be served at the Duquesne sites, while the McKeesport Clubhouse will close for BGCWPA operations at the end of this year. Boys & Girls Clubs of Western PA will offer free transportation to students who have been members of the LaRosa program so they can attend the Duquesne program, should they choose and be provided with scholarships to attend the after school program through the partnership with BGCWPA and Allegheny Department of Human Services.  Again, free transportation and free programming will be offered to current McKeesport Clubhouse families if they choose to participate.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Western PA also compiled and sent a list of ten other after-school programs available in the McKeesport area if families are interested in attending those programs and not going to our sites in Duquesne.  Should a new provider not be operating in the current building on Ravine Street by summer and McKeesport Clubhouse parents choose to not attend our programming at another site, BGCWPA will ensure that in the coming months we identify summer camp options for the families in McKeesport and share this information.

For the first time ever, McKeesport BGCWPA families will be able to apply for Child Care Works funding, meaning that families will be invited to apply for government subsidy based on household income, and work requirements. We will partner with the Early Learning Resource Center 5 in Allegheny County to answer all of your questions. This means that the cost for Before and After school care could be subsidized allowing you to afford High Quality Care for your children at an affordable cost for your family. 

75 years ago, the Boys’ Club of McKeesport was started in an effort to keep boys in McKeesport engaged in positive activities and over the years the Club has worked with hundreds of children to continue this legacy. BGCWPA is committed to ensuring that vision lives on through our other programs and services and looks forward to expanding that vision into the future. BGCWPA understands now more than ever the delicate balance of caring for children to ensure safety, health and security while maintaining business operations in a responsible way so that we can continue to serve our members and beyond

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in ways that no one anticipated and we have worked tirelessly to serve those who need us most. BGCWPA has implemented Club on the Go programming which is delivered across 29 van routes with multiple stops, virtual learning through Outschool for hundreds of children who were provided scholarships, both stand alone and school based Clubhouses in Duquesne, Sto-Rox, The City of Pittsburgh, Shaler, Millvale, Carnegie, Somerset and Penn Hills. BGCWPA will continue to address urgent needs of children in McKeesport and surrounding areas to overcome the long-term impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. In the Mon Valley we have held hot food truck events free of charge, delivered hundreds of boxes of food, cleaning products, clothing and pizzas. These efforts will not stop. To request these services, look at the yellow bar on the top where you can access a form to request these types of resources. 

BGCWPA will continue to work to plan programming & services for our members in the coming months and is working on strategic efforts to do a community needs assessment as we determine through feasibility studies the best location going forward for a state of the art new Clubhouse in the future, in the Mon Valley. The City of McKeesport has frequently expressed interest in the past in running similar youth programs in the building on Ravine Street and we are looking forward to building a transition plan with the community. Questions about this merger should be directed to

Again, please express your interest in attending Orchard Park Clubhouse on this Google Form