As a response to the COVID crisis, A+ Schools spearheaded the development of a coalition of regional organizations and individuals across Pittsburgh’s learning community to create the Pittsburgh Learning Collaborative (PLC), with a goal to serve as a crucial asset to Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS), students, and families in the City of Pittsburgh to ensure equitable learning opportunities and resources for every student. Boys & Girl Clubs of Western Pennsylvania is proud to be a vital partner in this collaboration. 

From the initial emergency school closures in March through reopening plans in the fall and into the school year, the core focus of the PLC has been on technology and internet access, family communications and at-home learning environments, and out-of-school time programs.

Since the start of the school year, we’ve spoken with families who aren’t being provided the support they need to succeed in school.  A grandmother shared “I’ve been reaching out to everyone for help! The principal told me to call the teacher, who told me to contact the principal! My grandson loves to learn and read but is missing valuable time because his district given device will not allow him to log in.” An English language learning parent was seeking support to help her children learn and navigate this environment. They had not received communications from the school in their preferred language, which left them uninformed about available resources and expectations for returning to school.

The Pittsburgh Learning Collaborative assisted these families and continues to provide resource information about:

  • gaining access to devices or internet service
  • technical support
  • learning hub or childcare resources
  • tutoring or homework help
  • food and school supplies
  • youth workforce opportunities

As a trusted provider of virtual learning support services through our Community Learning Hub programs, BGCWPA knows what access to the proper educational resources means to our youth as they take on new ways of learning. In a year of uncertainties and unknowns, Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania has been a constant support for our youth and communities, ensuring they have the resources they need to combat potential learning losses due to COVID-19, are able to continue exploring their interests as they prepare for the future, and have access to basic necessities including food, hygiene and mentoring resources.

Support BGCWPA’s ongoing COVID relief efforts today.

The Pittsburgh Learning Collaborative Family Hotline is a resource line available to all regional families. Representatives from A+ Schools, ARYSE, Boys and Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania, Circles of Greater Pittsburgh, Latino Community Center, Lawrenceville United, and the University of Pittsburgh Center for Urban Education help to field calls – so you will hear directly from a trusted source.

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