STEM Summer 2021 recap!

Summer is our time to shine! This summer the STEM program at BGCWPA was kicked into high gear. We are grateful for our communities and partners who allowed us to have such a great impact with kids all over Allegheny County and beyond. 

So what did our summer look like??

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See what the kids had to say!

I learned about different ways to classify data and how AI robots and computers are trained to complete tasks.

I really liked working with the jetbots as it was a very interactive and fun activity.

I would definitely recommend more people join this program.

“I became more experienced with teaching a group, since I had never done anything quite like this before.”

AIPI National Winners

As the AIPI summer program grew, so did the competition. After two weeks of intense hands-on learning, students were asked “How would you use AI to solve a problem in your community?” Students worked in teams and were paired with a PPG mentor to take on this challenge. With everything from solving food desert problems to creating an AI virtual therapist, our students brought their A games in solving these challenges. Judges were overwhelmingly impressed at the ideas presented when students had such little time to go from an open-ended question to a finished product. A total of 36 projects were completed from student groups from four  states. Students presented in front of a panel of industry professionals who selected division winners. Those division winners moved on to re-present to the judges and which gave us our National AIPI Winner – OpenWaterAI. OpenWaterAI proposes that the majority of home insurance claims come through water damage in homes and they would like to use AI to predict when pipes will need to be replaced. This will decrease the amount of water damage that occurs. Judges felt their process and design was well thought out and explained. These students – Abril, Lucas, and Abboud – from multiple school districts worked together well and efficiently communicated their ideas. Congratulations to all of our teams for their hard work and creativity!

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