Have you ever wanted your child to try Scratch Coding? Robotics? Embroidery for Beginners? Engineering with Legos? Watercolor Basics? Did you know with BGCWPA your child can try these classes and more from the comfort of their home and with kids from all over the world!? It’s true! 

Since Summer of 2020, Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania has offered our members, as well as youth from all over the world, the chance to interact with our highly specialized staff as the first Boys & Girls Club in the nation to partner with Outschool, a virtual learning platform.  Outschool is a platform that allows us to flip what online learning normally looks like and turn it into highly interest driven live sessions. With Outschool, parents can give their children the opportunity to engage in both ongoing or one time classes. This affordable option will give your child a chance to try something new, engage with peers from different cultures, learn a skill & most importantly, have some fun! 

But what if we told you that not only have our virtual classes gone international, but so has our staff! 

Meet Katrina, a BGCWPA STEM staff member since 2018 who is currently receiving her Masters Degree in Chemistry… in NORWAY! Even with a 6 hour time difference, Katrina is dedicated to offering STEM engagement workshops on Outschool to BGCWPA members and others who sign up for her Scratch Coding, Robotics Coding, and Girls in STEM classes. “I love seeing kids interact from all over the world. This is such a unique experience that you won’t get anywhere else,” shares Katrina. 

Katrina offers new, fresh coding challenges every week to her class participants, such as mazes and geometry dash, to keep kids engaged, learning and excited. “My favorite part is when kids who have been coding for a while get excited about helping those who are new to the class. It is really amazing to see them debug each other’s work,” Katrina explains. With a drive to share her passion for STEM with youth, Katrina will sometimes teach virtual classes until midnight in Norway! When she is not teaching or studying, Katrina enjoys cross country skiing in Norway, something she never tried until her arrival overseas!

Be sure to check out Katrina’s Girls in STEM Club that starts on March 29th! Girls in STEM is a 10 week opportunity for only $1!