Last week, BGCWPA celebrated the release of a youth designed video game during the 2021 Remake Learning Days.  “Super Slime Battle” was created from a partnership between the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania STEM program and CMU Robotics Academy.

For the last 20 weeks, BGCWPA members worked with representatives from CMU and the CoBox program as part of the Player-Programmed-Partner Games (P3G) project to imagine and execute all aspects of the video game including the characters, themes, and challenges. BGCWPA members utilized Cobots, robots that are designed to work closely with humans, to create the game in addition to working with Game Designers, Programmers, Learning Scientists and Multimedia Developers for this unforgettable experience.

This is just one of the many impactful partnerships and programs BGCWPA has to offer. Thank you so much to our STEM staff, to CMU Robotics Academy and to the youth who participated!

Check out a sneak preview of Super Slime Battle below and try your hand at this incredible game at

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