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Launched in 2019 at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania as part of our Career Works initiative, AIPI has grown to become a national program designed to introduce talented high school students to the concepts and practice of modern computing. Every summer we unite for three weeks to learn, discuss, work, and play together. We learn as individuals, debate as a classroom, collaborate on teams, all under the guidance of skilled instructors and mentors from PPG.

Following the summer program, students may choose to continue in a more advanced curriculum, earning certifications and preparing for internships with companies in the fields of Robotics & AI.

Whether this is the foundation of a future career or simply a chance to become a better-informed citizen, AIPI is for everyone!

AIPI is made possible through the generous support of PPG and the NVIDIA foundation, in partnership with the Will Allen Foundation and Clairton City School DistrictThank you to all of our sponsors and partners!


Students get an introduction to programming, working their way up to running python code on a robot car!

Artificial Intelligence

We dive into meaningful discussions of what is AI, how it works, and the impact that it has in all of our lives. Topics and activities are designed to engage teens in fun and interesting ways.


The course makes use of the NVIDIA Jetson platform to take advantage of serious computing power on board!

From our first year with two classrooms of students, the program has grown rapidly (and safely) despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, we are continuing to expand the number of sites to a total of 16—we can’t wait for you to join us!

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