Happy National Button Day! Let’s make buttons!

Today we will explore button making and do our best to make a button that represents something we like. We will celebrate National Button Day!

Tip for educator : Allow room for failure – encourage the process of design by saying things like “I like how hard you are working” or “I like you are taking your time on that” instead of only complimenting the end result.

  • Goals
    • Practice creativity and identity development by making buttons representing themselves and their interests
    • Explore the design process
    • Fulfill criteria while staying within constraints
    • Practice using different materials together
  • Materials
      • Paper
      • Markers/colored pencils
      • Cardstock
      • Colored construction paper
      • Felt
      • Chalk
      • Scissors
      • Glue sticks
      • Hot glue
      • Pin backs
      • Rulers (optional)

Happy National Button Day!

The button is a means to fasten clothes has been around since 13th century Germany. You can look up facts about National Button Day HERE

We are going to make buttons today.  A “button” as we’re using the term here is a pin with some design on the front. You can use a button-making machine to make buttons covered in plastic, but you don’t need a fancy machine to make a pin!

  • Lesson instructions
    • Plan your button design on a piece of plain paper.
      • Choose a design that represents you somehow! Something you like/are interested in, a symbol important to you, etc.
    • Cut a shape no bigger than 3in x 3in out of cardstock, to act as the button’s base.
    • Glue a construction paper or felt design onto the cardstock (use hot glue for felt).
      • Use construction paper and felt to figure out how to make the design without drawing directly on the cardstock, because a plain cardstock pin can be very flimsy.
    • Hot glue the pin back onto the back of the cardstock.