Empower Her Month

March 8th – 29th

Signature Leadership Series

Guided by the International Women’s Day movement and Women’s History Month, Empower Her is BGCWPA’s annual event to inspire the next generation of women to advocate, reflect, and take action around empowerment for young women all across Western Pennsylvania and beyond. Empower Her will be a month long event, with weekly sessions filled with fun & educational activities, influential speakers, caring & strong female role models, and meaningful lessons to encourage confidence, body positivity, healthy lifestyles, and personal growth.

All Empower Her participants ages 8-17 will have the opportunity to participate in four live weekly sessions, and receive two contactless deliveries right to their doorsteps free of charge! The first delivery will include supplies and resources needed to participate in each weekly session and activity, and a “fab box” with sweet treats and healthy foods in collaboration with our partner, Fifth Season, for a celebration event in conclusion of Empower Her!

Weekly synchronous sessions will be held beginning March 8th, on each Monday throughout the month from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. Participants will be broken up by age group, and given time to complete activities and socialize freely with one other and mentors. Activities and topics include art, dance, exercise, body positivity, making slime, creating your very own ID badge or a life budget for a future career, and engaging with female doctors, engineers, athletes, dancers, biologists and business owners.

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Empower Her 2021 Guest Speakers

Jessica Kern
Jessica KernJessica Kern Foundation
Jessica Kern is a mother, coach, motivational speaker, and philanthropist from Milwaukee, WI. Her mission is to educate and empower others to follow their dreams. She is a champion athlete committed to help teams/organizations achieve greatness through infrastructure management, positive reinforcement and the facilitation of promoting organic growth.

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Lindsay Teitz
Lindsay Teitzrue21
Lindsay is an Ohio native who graduated Kent State University and studied business Management and Marketing during the early 2000’s. Lindsay started at rue21 in 2012 as the buyer of screen tees, and is now currently the Vice President of girls merchandising. Thru her time at rue she has built strong, long lasting relationships, overcome adversity in a challenging economic climate and maintained a fresh positive attitude. Lindsay is also a mother of two, married to her college sweetheart who loves laughing, swimming, skiing, playing with her kids and ENJOYING life!

Ta'lor Pinkston
Ta'lor PinkstonThe Heart Advocate
Ta’lor L. Pinkston created The Heart Advocate to help all individuals, no matter their ethnicity, gender, or sexuality, choose self-love as a coping skill for mental health and healing. The Heart Advocate provides individual virtual self-love therapy, group workshops, and speaks about the importance of self-love in mental health.
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Allison Popieski
Allison PopieskiAttack Theatre
Founded in 1994 as a collaboration between two dancers and a city, Attack Theatre fuses modern dance, original live music, and interdisciplinary art forms to create engaging dance performances. We create work at the intersection of art and community, resulting in productions that are personal, authentic, welcoming, and fearless.

Allison graduated from Florida State University. After college, she pursued her love of Arts Education and worked in the Education Department at a number of theaters including the Florida Repertory Theatre (Fort Myers, FL), Walnut Street Theatre (Philadelphia, PA), Syracuse Stage (Syracuse, NY), and the Cortland Repertory Theatre (Cortland, NY). Aside from trying to change the world through Arts Education, Allison also enjoys random adventures, any style of dance class or workshop, reading and baking.

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 Dr. Filitsa Bender
Dr. Filitsa BenderNephrologist
Dr. Filitsa H. Bender, MD is a nephrologist—a doctor who specializes in kidneys—and a medical educator at UPMC. After migrating to the United States from Greece, she continued her studies, eventually becoming a nephrologist who treats patients and also helps medical students and young doctors to learn about kidneys. She has a special interest in helping patients with kidney disease to live longer.

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