Administrative Office 
317 East Carson Street
West Tower, Suite 238
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
phone: (412) 782-5710
fax: (412) 782-5720
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200 Larimer Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206



19 Wilson St Pittsburgh, PA 15223


Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes in partnership with Outschool Hours of Progamming Weekly classes between 25-45 minutes 15-20 classes offered weekly Between [...]

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We are also proud to serve children and families with sustained partnerships including, but not limited to the following communities:
North Side, Foundation of Hope
Larimer, Cornerstone & Larimer Consensus Group 
Brookline, Brookline Teen Outreach
Hill District, Housing Authority City of Pittsburgh 
In addition to partnering with over 20 School Districts through with our teen outreach program and learning hubs, our Giving on the Go and Club on the Go initiatives serve 49 other communities in addition to locations listed above. For more information about these programs, visit their website.

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