Do you have a favorite board game? This week is national Play Monopoly day! We will celebrate by making our own board games which we will play tomorrow!

In this lesson students will utilize their creativity to try to make an engaging board game that their peers would want to play. We will use things in your maker spaces. You can print templates for the students to use. Try making your own game so that you can show your students how to make a game.


    • Understand how board games work
    • Explore the math of fairness in games
    • Demonstrate the ability to create a fair and fun board game
    • use creativity and innovation to try new ideas for board games

Board Game Design

      • THIS PRINTABLE TEMPLATE may be useful if you want to make things easier for your students 
        • Cardstock for gameboard and/or cards
        • Dice or templates to make your own dice
        • Brads to make spinners
        • Small recyclables like bottle caps to make game pieces
        • These example gameboards displayed at the front of the room
  • Pre-Lesson Prep
    • Make your own button following the instructions on the following page!

Happy National Play Monopoly Day! In honor of it, we’re going to design our own board games!

  • What are some board games you’re familiar with? [List answers on the board]
  • What features do board games have? [Should list at least:]
    • A way to win
    • Rules
    • A board you need to “travel” on with a game piece
    • A way to move across the board (dice, spinner, cards, etc.)
    • Here are other things to consider:
      • Have you thought about what a person will do on a certain spot? answer questions? perform an action? What about in games like Candy Land – what happens on different spots?

Things to think about as you make your game:

    • How do you win your game?
    • How many players?
    • How do you move across the board?
    • How will you make game pieces?
  • Break into teams of 2-3. Design your own board game! You can make a board on cardstock or choose one of the templates that your teacher gives you. Get ready to play your games when you are done!