Welcome and thank you for joining us on InstaClubhouse!

What is required for InstaClubhouse?

STEP 1: All that is needed to get started is access to a smartphone, computer, iPad or Chromebook and an internet connection.

STEP 2: Parents/guardians visit and follow & subscribe to your Club member’s Facebook page site to stay up to date on news, activities, and more. Below is the contact information for each of our stand-alone Clubhouse sites. If you have questions about the activities, programs, or need help with MyFuture, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Carnegie Clubhouse
Duquesne – West Mifflin Clubhouse
Estelle S. Campbell Clubhouse
Ferris of McKees Rocks Clubhouse
Northern Area

All other Clubhouses and Programs follow our main BGCWPA Facebook & Instagram

STEP 3: Review programs and software used in InstaClubhouse and click the orange button to visit the InstaClubhouse for grades K-7 or teens. Bookmark the programming schedule pages in your browser to get there faster in the future.

Programs and Software used in InstaClubhouse

Google Hangouts – Our remote video chat service that allows online meetings and classes with BGCWPA staff and children enrolled in InstaClubhouse. Staff will be communicating with children using this platform. Google Hangouts will be used for the Live InstaClubhouse Experience. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, please download the Google Hangouts App (Android and iOS are supported) and click on the links below. For computers, the links below will also take you directly to the daily live video as well as pre-recorded videos.

Facebook pages – Clubhouse pages will be updated regularly to reflect upcoming Live InstaClubhouse Experience times using Google Hangouts, schedules, and any other information to help each child participate in this program.

YouTube – We will have previously recorded Google Hangouts and other InstaClubhouse videos posted to help members with activities. YouTube accounts are not necessary to access these videos.

MyFuture Program- is a digital tool to learn, play, and socialize, as part of the digital Club experience. Here, members like you can share media projects, participate in contests to win awesome prizes, and earn badges to show you’ve accomplished. To get started in creating a MyFuture account click HERE.

InstaClubhouse Activity and Program Schedule

We will be running programming for three general groups of youth in grades K-3, 4-7 and 8-12th grades in the areas of: STEM, literacy, wellness and physical activities. K-3 resources are pre-recorded videos and grades 4-12 have at least 2 hours of Live InstaClubhouse programming each day.

Program Schedule Grades K-7
Program Schedule – Teens