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Our Philosophy

STEM, typically defined as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, has a new meaning at Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania. In our programs, STEM stands for Sparks Curiosity, Teaches Empowered Learning, Establishes Good Habits, and Meets Learners Where They are to Help Them Grow. We believe that the skills developed in STEM programming will grow with learners throughout their entire lives. Our programs are meant to be a both a continuum for students who are part of the larger Boys & Girls Club movement, and accessible for students who would like to experience quality STEM programs to meet their indivudaul passion. 

According to the World Economic Forum, technological advances will create 2.1 million new jobs within the next 10 years based in 21st century workforce skills, centered on ideas based in maker and technology. 

Creativity and Problem Solving

Essential Skills for Any Situation

Creativity and Problem Solving

Whether you are figuring out how to account for climate change, or you are deciding how your school group will tackle the school project, it is important to be a creative thinker that knows how to approach problems in many different ways. Our exposure level STEM programs occur during after school as well as specialty time blocks, and strive to be a place that is both easily accessible for all students, while also challenging students through hands-on learning and engaging projects.

Indeed ranks creative problem solving as one of the top 4 skills that employers search for in the workforce. Problem solving and creativity are universal job skills that apply to any position and every industry.

Skill Development

Building Yourself, One Step at a Time

Skill Development

Allowing students to delve deeper into topics is one of the incredible opportunities of our STEM education that is interwoven into the rotations of our school based sites, brick and mortar Clubhouses, and specialty programs. In our skill development programs, students go beyond exposure level concepts to start to engage in a more fulfilling way with concepts. Whether students are studying Robotics and Programming, or Chemistry and Artificial Intelligence, allowing them to spend consecutive weeks working towards broadening and deepening their skill set, and determining what parts of these things interest them creates students who are better prepared to utilize their skills in the greater world. 

Members have the opptunity to explore and master crucial skills including computational thinking, data analysis, coding, research and design, problem solving, and interactive design.

Career Pathways

Leading Youth to a Meaningful Career

Career Pathways

STEM careers dominate the workforce. Allowing our members to not only build skill sets that will propel them into their futures, but also (see) different options is important to our work and mission at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania. Through our Career Development programs, members are taken on a formalized journey from filling in academic gaps, career exploration and soft skills training to relevant occupational skill building, work experience and a formalized plan for their future.

Pittsburgh is at the epicenter of change,  ranked ninth among 35 metro centers nationwide to become a booming innovation center. Companies are taking advantage of the opportunity for global expansion, and need skilled employees right in the Pittsburgh region. 

About Our STEM Programs

Build whatever you can imagine. Create something new. Discover how things work and move. Every time we wonder, the possibilities are endless. Whether you have never built or programmed anything, or whether creativity, imagining, building and programming are part of your everyday, we are a place where you can feel safe and supported as you try new things.

Want to hot glue your own tree house? Want to make slime? Want to program a robot? Come join us in our makerspaces after school or check out our classes!

Our PA Smart Awarded, AIPI + Teen Accelerator is not your average program. A pioneering and first of its kind program in the region and nation, AIPI is an intensive, interactive, hands-on and fun program that seeks to inspire the tech leaders and innovators of tomorrow. We do this by supporting the study of computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics, engineering and other closely related subjects by connecting youth to project based learning, mentorship/career exposure and connections to higher-education and industry. Learn more!

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Did you know that STEM jobs are  expected to grow by 2.1 million? Even in non-STEM related jobs, the skills developed in STEM classes are being cited as those most looked at by management as needed in today’s workplace. 

The process of creating, setting goals, working with peers, and problem-solving until success is achieved engages students in a way that few traditional classroom experiences allow. Makerspaces are proven to create students who are more resillant, able to use their creativity in productive and assesrtive ways, and ready to work collaboratively in real world bussiness settings.

Help ensure every child has a GREAT FUTURE!  Your support not only provides access and resources to local youth, but makes a direct impact on your community, region, and country. In helping us to do whatever it takes, you are helping to create a safe, where minds are educated, hearts are mentored, and opportunities are paved by our committed staff and Clubhouse members. Members are given the freedom to explore interests, build skills, and work towards career pathways. Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania is one of the only organizations that provides mentorship and community for members throughout their entire school career. With your help we can also set them up for GREAT FUTURES.

STEM Educational Videos

Take a look through our STEM Educational video series where we talk about topics like science, engineering, and just being curious about the world around us.

New videos are uploaded regularly, so check in often for more!

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