Education and Career Development

Education and Career Development programs teach youth to become proficient in basic educational disciplines and approaches to thinking, learning, and decision-making.  These programs encourage youth to set goals, explore careers, embrace technology, and learn the skills necessary for employment and leadership in their future careers.



After school and during the summer, each club helps to reinforce what Club members are learning in school and providing enrichment activities that augment their formal education.  These activities include:


  • Power Hour – Boys & Girls Club national program that provides members homework help and tutoring  to help youth become self directed learners. (Learn more)

  • My.Future My.Future provides Club staff and members with the ability to develop strong, grounded digital literacy competency through project-based learning experiences. Members produce portfolios of projects and present their projects to earn digital badges. Digital badges can unlock exciting Club technology or leadership opportunities. (Learn more)

  • BE GREAT: Career Readiness and Financial Literacy– 

    Be Great is a new program model that turns nation wide best practices into common practices for local teens ages 12-18 addressing their growing needs to transition into the future with a clear vision of the necessary personal & academic skills required to succeed.  Participants are provided with a continuum of interactive services that include career readiness, financial literacy, educational support, mentoring, employability training, internships, job shadowing and employment.  Our goal in the program is to link the Boys & Girls Clubs programs: CareerLaunch and Money Matters, with our existing agency community & corporate alliances.  The program is available in our Clubs reaching out to youth with the greatest needs, making available a continuum of evidenced based career building programs and mentoring them from job to career.  Each teen can create their own career portfolio, research information on finding a job, a career, a college, a mentor and many more resources through our TeenClub site! 

  • Club Tech – is Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s digital literacy program which aims to make technology accessible, intriguing and fun.  Through the Club Tech suite of programs, kids learn how to use basic business software, be safe online and learn advanced hardware and networking skills.  From this basic technical skills curriculum to Game Tech, an introduction to video game development and principles of game design, animation mechanics and software, kids are well prepared to achieve success in school and in their careers.  (Learn more)

  • Career Launch – is a Boys & Girls Club national program offers career exploration and mentoring for teens ages 14-18. The program takes participants through each step from general career interests, researching specific careers, education requirements, financial aid, resume building, interviewing skills and the soft skills needed to keep and maintain a job. This program includes the CareerLaunch Web site that allows teens to take an interest survey, explore careers, identify training or college requirements, seek out financial aid and interact through skills-building games. Funded by Gap Foundation. (Learn more)

  • After School Excellence Program -  Since 2008, we have successfully run an all-inclusive Educational program called the After School Excellence Program.  It is a formal math and reading academic enhancement program dedicated to helping young people ages 5 – 18 reach higher achievement levels by giving educators, both inside and outside the classroom, the tools and experience required to provide quality academic programs.  The program focuses on reading and math, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Career Development.  The program incorporates the EdVenture Group "After School Excellence" curriculum as a center point of academic services within our agency. The program is complemented by selected Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s national program models which include: Power Hour homework help & tutoring, Project Learn - high yield learning & skill building activities, and Career Launch - career learning & job skills activities. It provides a rigorous standards-based literacy and numeracy academic program that enhances our after school tutoring efforts countywide.  The goal of this academic initiative is to raise the bar for academic content and delivery in the after school programming.  The curriculum design is based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards and Assessment Anchors for reading and math and encompasses a strategy that allows participants to not simply "catch up" to their grade level, but to truly achieve and even exceed expectations.

    This program will increase academic proficiency levels, improve academic skills, and increase the number of children who advance to the next grade level.  



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