Great Start Juvenile Justice Program

For the past two decades we have been offering second chances to juvenile offenders who need our guidance.  Our Great Start Juvenile Justice Program offers juvenile offenders court ordered remediation services and competency based prevention strategies that emphasize personal qualities -- responsibility, self-esteem, sociability, self-management, and integrity in the Clubs. 


About the program: 

The Allegheny County Juvenile Court and local Magistrates refer first time non-violent offenders to join our specialized Club remediation program.  Here they are provided with a personalized service plan agreed upon by staff, probation officers, and magistrates for all participants. It operates in the Boys & Girls Club facilities and as part of the program, youth successfully participate in core Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s nationally outcome based program models, which include:

  • SMART Moves - Drug, Alcohol and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program 

  • Triple Play –  Mind, Body and Soul Personal Development Program 

  • Mentoring with Impact Program – Outcome Based Mentoring Program 

  • Career Launch – Career Learning & Job Skills Activities 

  • Money Matters – Financial Literacy and Life Skills Program 

Employment services and training prepare youth for success in the workforce and help them develop money management and life skills from leadership to communication to critical thinking. Through each of these programs, training focuses on participants’ goal of exiting the juvenile justice system, the prevention of recidivism, and giving them job training, career building, and financial literacy skills.  Each also offers employment opportunities in the local Boys & Girls Clubs.  Current Juvenile Justice participant job opportunities include:

  • Dapper Dan Sports  – Teen employees serve as coaches, referees and scorekeepers in formal sports leagues in collaboration with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Pirates 

  • Club Staff – Program assistants in cultural programs, physical education, social recreation centers, computer labs, special events, and reception areas. 




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