Health and Life Skills programs build the character of young people by engaging them in activities that promote positive behaviors and mature decision-making. These programs develop Club members’ capacity to nurture their own well-being, set personal goals, and live successfully as self-sufficient adults.  Some of these activities include:

SMART Moves is a skills mastery and resistance program which addresses drug, alcohol, and teen pregnancy prevention and educational issues.

Money Matters is a Boys & Girls Clubs national program created with the Charles Schwab Foundation.  Money Matters is an outcome based financial literacy program designed specifically to help teens expand their knowledge of money management and learn the skills that lead to financial independence and well-being. The Money Matters: Make It Count program consists of five components: Teen Personal Finance Guide, Program Facilitator’s Guide, Money Matters Web site, Schwab e-Employee Volunteer Program and the Money Matters Awards

Triple Play is part of Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Sports, Fitness, and Recreation core program area. Triple consists of an array of effective programs for equipping Club members with crucial skills needed to become healthy, fit, and successful adults. It is a multi-faceted program designed to help young people to become healthy and active, and learn new ways to handle stress, maintain a healthy body, and form positive relationships.