Update 6/29/20

For families near McKeesport and Duquesne:
We are pleased to announce we will be offering a special in-person summer day camp for children from Duquesne, McKeesport and surrounding areas due to the generous support of United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania and the McElhattan Foundation.

Camp slots will be limited and registration will open July 15th for a 4 week summer camp the month of August. 

Camp will be held at 938 Chestnut St, Duquesne, PA 15110 adjacent to Orchard Park.

Transportation will be available for up to 13 children with a daily pickup at 12:00 PM at the LaRosa Clubhouse and drop off at 4:00 PM.

Ferris of McKees Rocks 

Members from our Ferris Clubhouse in Sto-Ken-Rox are encouraged to apply to attend our Carnegie Clubhouse, transportation support is available if needed; a financial aid support form needs to be filled out and proof of need required in the form of paystubs or other proof of income.

Reaction – Action Biochemistry Camp
06/08/2020 – 06/12/2020   
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

In partnership with       

Join Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania, in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific for Reaction-Action Biochemistry Camp! Students will spend 4 days on site doing hands-on projects that explore Biology and Chemistry concepts, best practices, communication and collaboration. Students will take a field trip to the University of Pittsburgh to interact directly with scientists, experience their daily life, and explore a real lab!

The week will conclude with a science fair where students will be recognized for their learning with a certificate from BGCWPA/Thermo Fisher Scientific and ceremony with their parents/guardians. 

By the end of our one week camp, students aged 5th – 8th grade will be able to:

  • Understand the standard definition of matter and demonstrate understanding by being able to list 3 examples of matter and 3 examples of what is not matter
  • Understand density and how to calculate, demonstrated by a lab calculating the density of different objects and identifying them
  • Understand conservation of matter by performing a simple reaction and measuring the mass before and after the reaction
  • Understand that matter is made by atoms, by using Happy Atoms to create molecules and identify the molecule made
  • Understand that atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons, demonstrated by making a model of an atom to take home
  • Demonstrate knowledge of reactions create or require energy, by performing several experiments including making hand warmers (heat energy), bottle rockets (kinetic energy) and potato batteries (electrical energy)
  • Observe that electrons have energy by looking at emission spectra of different gases
  • Utilize the scientific method to design and perform their own experiment to present at the end of the week
  • Be able to explain at least two career opportunities related to Chemistry or Biology
  • Demonstrate an excitement and appreciation for how Biology/Chemistry interact in our world
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Summer Robotics Camp
06/08/2020 – 06/12/2020 – Carnegie
06/22/2020 – 06/26/2020 – Estelle S. Campbell
07/20/2020 – 07/24/2020 – Shadyside

In partnership with   

Join BGCWPA for Summer Robotics Camp, with hands-on activities that include programming, engineering, problem-solving and teamwork! As the sole provider of this Summer Robotics Camp in partnership with Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, students can earn a certificate from Carnegie Mellon!

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