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Recruitment & Impact Coordinator

The Recruitment & Impact Coordinator reports to the Vice President, Advancement & Philanthropy and is responsible for tracking enrollment data, marketing (to the public and internal staff) vacant positions, events and other opportunities, collecting and working with Marketing to share impact stories, helping with organizational special events working with program staff to capture results/impact data, assist with foundation, government, and corporations’ reporting requirements.
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Mentoring Success Coach (Teen)

The Mentoring Success Coach will identify and provide strategic services that identify and address the social-emotional-environmental issues to support positive youth development through mentorship programs and other support services.
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AmeriCorps LEAD Member

The AmeriCorps LEAD Member will be hands-on with the youth to implement curriculum and programming on a day to day basis.
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Clubhouse Director

The Clubhouse Directors are responsible for overseeing a multitude of programs, partnerships, member recruitment/outreach, education, social recreation, arts & culture, vocational, health, physical education and mentoring programs as well as supervising the staff who facilitate these programs and activities.
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