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Community COVID-19 Level: We are committed to providing youth and families access to resources and support during this time. CHECK HERE

Please see the map below for a list of our Clubhouses & School-Based Sites.

      We are also proud to serve children and families with sustained partnerships including, but not limited to the following communities:

      North Side, Foundation of Hope
      Larimer, Cornerstone & Larimer Consensus Group
      Brookline, Brookline Teen Outreach
      Hill District, Housing Authority City of Pittsburgh
      Homewood, Homewood Children’s Village
      Clairton, Will Allen Foundation & Clairton City School District

      In addition to partnering with over 20 School Districts through with our teen outreach program and learning hubs, our Giving on the Go and Club on the Go initiatives serve 49 other communities in addition to locations listed above. For more information about these programs, visit their website.

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